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MY Career Team Links New Book

BIG NEWS! Burnett, Cole and Irving have published How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days - The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search by Jim Stokely and Kathy Shabotynskyj. Don't miss Jim's Story and Kathy's Insights in the best career guide ever resulting from a networking connection and a year of collaboration.

Copies available here.$18.95

While readers navigate this step -by-step guide to achieve their career goals, they will be enlightened by the story of Jim's job search and Kathy's insights from the recruiters perspective. The authors' collective wisdom has materialized on these pages due to the power of networking, as Jim and Kathy have collaborated but have yet to meet face to face. Click for more details on the new book: How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days -The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search

Career Coach Kathy invites you to add My Career Team to your career tool box. Find out all about Sherlock Consulting and check out the new book co-authored with Jim Stokely.

Sherlock Consulting has helped hundreds of individuals find a job and make choices to land a new position faster and command a higher salary. Read testimonials from our clients. If you don't know what job you want, if you need a resume, cover letter or instruction to market yourself online and in person, add Career Coach Kathy and Sherlock Consulting to your job search strategy.

Our services work because YOU are provided the tools to launch an effective job search. We help YOU identify the job you want, help create resumes that stand out from the crowd, learn how to network to find hidden jobs, conduct better interviews and learn to negotiate a salary and benefit package. Career Coach Kathy helps YOU focus on what is important and successfully land a new job, FAST!

Recent Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average length of unemployment is about 4.5 months. With Sherlock Consulting you will confidently approach your job search to land a new position faster. Every day you delay could cost you money!

Who needs a career coach? Career Coaching is a service for individuals in career transition and those seeking to explore and identify new career paths. Each client’s needs are specific and services are tailored based on the particular needs of the individual. We will help you with resumes, cover letters, networking, social networking, interviewing, negotiating and finding the right job.

We help YOU achieve your career goals by focusing on the appropriate type of service you need at a cost you can afford. Want to learn more?


Find out how Sherlock Consulting can help you succeed! Call 772-486-7781 or send an email for your free consultation.

Kathy Irving Shabotynskyj
Kathy Irving Shabotynskyj
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